While the usual ranked grind is fun and all, it can get a bit tiring at times. In this case, switching over to a different game mode can be the breath of fresh air you need. After all, CS2 isn’t all about intense 5v5 matches, it’s a community-driven game filled with other enjoyable modes to mess around with.

If you haven’t dabbled in these modes much apart from regular CS2, this article is a great starting point as it lists some of the best game modes you can play in CS2. Bear in mind, that these are in no particular order.


CS2 Deathmatch game mode

Most CS players are already familiar with what deathmatch is. It’s a free-for-all mode, with instant respawns. The goal is simple, get as many kills as you can within match time. Deathmatch has become a staple for aim practice and warming up for many players. Apart from that, it is also a great mode where you can just put some music on and tap headshots.


CS2 KZ game mode

KZ which stands for KreedZ is a parkour game mode. There are different maps for it all over the Workshop. It’s quite similar to a popular game called Getting Over It, where the goal is to climb up to the top point. KZ works the same way, the goal is to jump through platforms and reach the map’s highest point. You can play alone with some music in the background or challenge a friend to race to the top.


CS2 BHOP game mode

BHOP short for bunnyhop, is a movement mechanic in CS2, where you build momentum by strafing and jumping. BHOP game mode is basically a parkour mode, where you bunnyhop across different platforms, and obstacles to clear the level. There are tons of maps out there with a lot of levels to clear. 

These maps can become extremely fun if you are good at bunnyhopping. Apart from the enjoyability factor, this mode is a great entry point for anyone who is learning how to bunnyhop.


CS2 Retake game mode

Retaking a site is arguably more difficult than defending. You need a lot of team coordination to execute a good retake. So, if you struggle with that, then this mode is a great pick for practice. The mode is relatively simple, each team takes turns retaking a site. The bomb is already planted and the goal is to execute a good retake and win the match. 


CS2 Surf game mode

Surf is arguably one of the most popular game modes out there. It would be fair to say it’s the peak of how fun the CS2 movement can be. Surfing is quite simple, you glide across ramps gaining momentum. Surfing is all about the maps, with the workshop having tons of maps for you to choose from. Find a map you like and start gliding on it.

1v1s and 2v2s

CS2 1v1 game mode

There is nothing more fun than clashing with another player in a classic 1v1. Even better, if you can get a friend a 2v2 on another team or duel it out on a local 1v1 server. It’s not only fun but a great way to improve your mechanics. The workshop is filled with 1v1 and 2v2 maps. There are maps built especially for weapons. You can find rifle maps, AWP maps, and even Deagle maps.

In short, if you are looking to improve your aim and have fun while doing it try these modes out for yourself.

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