The CS2 Workshop is a great way to enjoy some creative community-made maps. Be it surfing, parkour or other fun modes, you can easily find a map for whatever you enjoy. Similarly, there are tons of great maps out there to train your aim. 

These maps are filled with little features that make aim training a lot easier. Just spending a few minutes every day can help you see a massive improvement in your aim. With that said, the sheer amount of options can confuse you, so here is the list of all the current best aim training maps in CS2.


Aim Botz training map CS2

Aim_botzz is undoubtedly the most popular aim training map out of this bunch. It has every feature you’d need from an aim training map. You can control the terrain, and the bot’s movement, practice peeking, play through time-based modes, and much much more. 

Unless you are looking for a very specific feature, aim_botzz will have you covered in terms of pure aim training. In short, it’s a straightforward, feature-packed map that’s great for pros and beginners alike. Speaking of beginners, you can check out our Aim_botz training routine to get you started with aim training.

Download: Aim_botz

CSStats Training

CSStats Training Map CS2

The CSStats map takes a more simplistic approach to aim training. This is quite apparent from seeing their limited training features, only focusing on the core mechanics of aim training in CS2. Even with that, there is everything you would need from an aim training map. Where this map gets an edge over the others is the terrain, it’s more realistic compared to others. With boxes and other in-game objects scattered across the map giving you a more practical range to train on.

Download: CSStats Training Map

Recoil Master – Spray Training

Recoil Master - Spray Training CS2

Mastering the recoil patterns of the weapons is as important as training your accuracy. Recoil Master is a map solely focused on helping you do that. The map has a giant screen where you can spray to master the recoil. To help you with that, it shows an inverted recoil pattern of the game that you can trace to build up muscle memory. The map has every automatic weapon in the game to choose from. Considering the importance of recoil mastery, this map should be in your training regime.

Download: Recoil Master – Spray Training 


Aim_Training-Reflex-Spray CS2

The Reflex Spray map has the basic features of an aim training map—a range with bots to shoot on. But, that’s not the main point of the map, it’s the reflex/rush mode. You are placed in the center of an arena and around you is a small hole. Bots rush you from every direction and the goal is to shoot them down before they reach you. This map focuses on training speed and reaction times. You will need your headphones for this map, as hearing will help you detect bots more easily. 

Download: Aim_Training-Reflex-Spray


CS2_aim map

Cs2_aim is a solid alternative to the widely popular aim_botzz map. It has similar features and options for you to train your aim. The appealing part of this map is the extremely simple UI, that attracts a lot of players. On top of that, the biggest reason players enjoy this map is that you can play with different knives. Knives are quite expensive in CS2, so having the option to try out different knives for free is a big sell. 

Download: cs2_aim


If you are looking for a more Kovaaks-like training map then aim_treeni is your best bet. Kovaaks is one of the most popular aim trainers out there, and this map resembles just that. Instead of shooting bots in a range, you shoot little yellow orbs to train your aim. There are tons of tasks you can do to train different aspects of your aim like flicking and tracking. In short, if you the experience of a third-party aim trainer try out aim_treeni.

Download: aim_treeni 


Aim_Rush CS2

The focus of aim_rush is to bring practicality and realism to aim training. Most maps have a pretty standard layout, with an arena of bots that you shoot to practice aim. While that works, having a more dynamic setting might be what you need. Aim_rush features a lot of dynamic arenas, which look similar to maps in CS2. You traverse around the clearing angles and shooting bots. In short, it brings a bit more movement to aim training.

Download: Aim_rush

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