Best Way to Practice Deathmatch

Are you tired of not feeling any progress using deathmatch in your practice? Learn the secrets of the aggressive and passive playstyle and dominate more in competitive matches!

This article presents two main play styles you can use when you practice deathmatch: the aggressive and passive styles. We talk about the differences between these two styles and how they can be used to improve your skills.

Deathmatch is a game mode in CS:GO that place you in a free-for-all environment where you respawn instantly after dying. This makes it a powerful tool for practicing specific skills such as crosshair placement, counter-strafe, spray control, shooting styles, etc.

Whether you prefer the aggressive or passive style, deathmatch can help you become better and increase your performance.

Now let’s look deeper into the two play styles

The aggressive playstyle

The aggressive playstyle helps you develop the reflexes and awareness skills you need to succeed in a fast-paced execute or retake scenario. When practicing you should focus on constantly moving forward while clearing angles and positions. Remember to focus on great crosshair placement at any time. This playstyle lets you practice your skills in multiple areas of the map which contribute to greater map knowledge as well as the ability to react to changing situations and encounter multiple opponents.

Benefits of the aggressive playstyle

  • Tracking and clearing multiple angles
  • Training in different environments
  • Reacting to unpredictability
  • Facing more opponents
CSGO deathmatch practices aggressive playstyle

The passive playstyle

The passive playstyle involves staying in a specific position and defending that area. You develop your skills to quickly move your aim between common angles and timing your shots. For example, this could be the connector on Mirage, an area exposed to multiple angles. . Focus on pre-aim with great crosshair placement, control your counter-strafe movement and make 180-degree turnarounds to maintain the overview. Unfortunately, you cannot choose where you want to spawn when playing deathmatch.

Benefits of the passive playstyle

  • Building confidence in specific map areas
  • Pre-aiming and counter strafing
  • Timing when to peek and shoot
  • 180-degree turn arounds
CSGO deathmatch practices passive playstyle

What playstyle should you choose?

The aggressive and passive playstyles in deathmatch offer different approaches for practicing and improving valuable aim skills. While you can choose the style that best fits your needs and goals, using a combination of both styles will be most beneficial.

Practicing both playstyles can develop valuable skills and techniques that can be applied in different in-game scenarios. In other words, you become better equipped to handle any situation that may arise in competitive matches where you need to react to constantly changing situations.

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