Most Popular Workshop Maps

This is a list of the best workshop maps to play in CS2 right now.

Aim Botz

The first one is the popular Aim Botz map. This map has so much value to offer. You can adjust almost any setting to get versatile and challenging training. It’s currently in test version one, but we can expect to see a better and improved version soon.

Download the map

Aim botz training map, cs2 workshop map

CSStats Training Map

The next map is called CSStats training map. This map is a CS2 version of the CSGO HUB map that many players enjoyed in Counter Strike Global Offensive. You can choose between three different practice modes (Range, Rush, and Shuffle). The map runs super well and it’s easy to adjust the settings. Hopefully, we’ll see more features being added, such as the pre-fire mode.

Download the map

CSStats Training map, cs2 workshop map

Refrag Warmup Map

Refrag is known for its professional training software including 17 different game modes. The Refrag warmup map offers the same practice modes as the CSStats map, but the training environment is different. There is also a KZ mode where you can practice your movement skills.

Download the map

Refrag warmup map, cs2 workshop map

Recoil Master – Spray Training

The Recoil Master map is perfect for practicing your spray control in CS2. It’s known for the unique ghosthair feature that lets you track your aim while spraying. Currently, there are only ghosthairs/spray patterns for the main weapons. The map also includes other key features and various buttons to toggle settings.

Download the map

CS2 Recoil Master - Spray Training

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