CS2 Came With a New Ranking System

CS2 completely revamped CS: GO, with a new engine, marginally better visuals, physics, and more. With this also came an update to how the ranking system worked. Valve has always been secretive about the rank system in CS2 or any of their games for that matter. However, there is still information available that we can use to understand how the entire system works.

As mentioned, there are obviously changes and differences between the old ranking system (CS GO) and the new(CS2). In this guide, we will do a quick refresher on how the CS2 Rating system works and more importantly how it differs from CS: GO. 

Introduction to the CS2 Rating System

With the release of CS2, came an entirely new competitive system — CS2 Premier Rating System. This didn’t replace the classic ranked mode where you are given a rank (Silver, Gold Nova, etc) on your performance. Instead, a second mode for more competitive players. This time instead of given ranks, you are given a rating based on your performance. 

It’s not that the existing system was bad in any case, but it wasn’t the best either. This made many players opt for third-party competitive platforms like Faceit and ESEA. Valve didn’t like that, so they gave players a new rating system that was more competitive and overall better. 

How it Works

In this mode, you are given a certain rating based on your matches. This rating starts from 0 and goes up to 35000. All of these ratings are divided and represented with different colors. For example, 10000-14900 is marked with a blue color. All the other CS2 rating colors are given below.

CS2 Rating colors and numbers

There is also a regional and global leaderboard in this system. It ranks players based on their rating. You can also check to see where your friends are on this leaderboard and compete with them. 

How to Get Your First Rating

Getting your first rating is quite straightforward. All you need to do is play ten placement matches. Your performance(KDA, etc) and the outcome (win or lose) of these matches will determine your starting rating.


From there, it’s quite simple. Perform well, and win matches and you will rack up your rating points. Of course, it’s easier said than done. The Premier mode is much more difficult and competitive than the standard competitive mode. You have to be good and play strategically in order to progress. 

Comparison of CS2 Rating and CS: GO

While the new rating system is great and all, it begs the question of how your rating correlates with your in-game performance. If you have invested a significant amount of time and have attained a good rating, how do you know what rank it represents? Frankly, having a numeric rating doesn’t feel right, having a concrete rank makes it easier to understand your skill level.

While there is no official information on how the CS2 rating compares to CS: GO ranks — Valve keep silent. Just looking at how players are at certain ratings and matching that with how the players are at certain ranks, there is a way to translate your CS2 rating to CS: GO rank. Following are the conversions of CS2 ratings to CS: GO ranks.

CS2 rating to CSGO RANKS

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