Big changes to the CS2 ranking system

The CS2 ranking system has been updated with new and significant changes. Premier mode is featured with an active map pick/ban system. Based on your Premier matches you will get your own CS2 rating. This rating will feed seasonal leaderboards where you can rise through the ranks among your friends, in your region and across the world.

You can develop your competitive map pool in new ways since your rank is now determined individually for each map.

Let’s dive deeper into what these changes mean.

Premier mode and seasonal leaderboards

The seasonal leaderboards are only featured in Premier mode. You can still play competitive ranked matches without affecting your leaderboard rating. You need to provide a name for the leaderboard display. Note that once your name has been accepted, it cannot be changed until the season ends. This is to prevent its use for promotional or advertising purposes.

CS2 Leaderboards

Benefits of the new leaderboards

The new leaderboards give more reason to continue the grind even after reaching the Global Elite rank. This is because the system provides you with a clear sense of your rank status and progression in the game. There is no longer the same rank ceiling as you can gain up to 35.000 ELO points. With the transparent CS rating, you can easily see how much you lead or lag behind your friends and competitors.

How your regional position is determined

The position of your regional leaderboard is determined by the location of the servers that you play on the most.

List of all CS2 leaderboards

Friends – tracks players on your friend list.
World – the top 1,000 players in the world.
North America
South America

Separate ranks for different maps

You will now receive a separate map rank in competitive mode. This means that you no longer need to worry about competing against players who only play the map you play the least. We all know how playing against a full Mirage only team can be a really tough challenge.

So when playing new maps for the first time you will be matched up against players who are around the same rank as you on that specific map. Hopefully, this means that you are more likely to try out maps you are not used to playing that much.

The fact that you can be Global Elite on one map and Silver on another is really a significant change. The changes will give a more diverse and balanced matchmaking system. The specific map ranks also give you clear feedback on which maps you master and which ones you need to improve on.

How long do you think it will take players to reach Global Elite on all maps?

cs2 map specific ranks

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