You can get CS2 cases for free by playing the game and participating in in-game activities. These cases are awarded based on your performance and engagement with the CS2 community. However, each case requires a key to unlock, which costs $2.50 each on the Steam Market.

Find out how you can get the free cases.

Ways to get free CS2 cases

Want CS2 cases without spending any money? It’s easier than you think! Each of the following methods offers unique opportunities to get free cases.

Weekly Care Package

The weekly care package is a new feature in CS2 that rewards you when you earn enough XP to rank up. To earn XP, you need to play any competitive or ranked game modes, such as Premier, Competitive, Wingman, Casual, and Deathmatch. Competitive matches give you the most XP but feel free to play what you enjoy the most.

When you rank up, you get to choose two rewards once a week, usually including a valuable case and a random item. These items can be traded or sold instantly, with no trade lock.

Complete operation missions

Participating in operation missions is another effective method to receive free cases. These missions are part of special events and offer Operation Stars as rewards, which can be used to unlock cases. Stay updated with new operations and actively complete the missions to maximize your case collection.

Participate in community servers and tournaments

Community servers and tournaments often offer additional opportunities for free cases. By playing on these servers or joining community tournaments, you can earn cases as rewards for your participation.

Join giveaways

Don’t underestimate the power of giveaways. Follow CS2 content creators on social media and keep your eyes open for any giveaways. Many host regular giveaways where you can win highly valuable skins. Participating in these giveaways is a great way to get a free chance to win cases or skins.

Can I open CS2 cases for free?

Technically, opening CS2 cases isn’t free since each key costs $2.50. However, there’s a smart workaround:

  • Play and earn drops: Engage in regular matches to receive case and skin drops.
  • Sell drops: Sell these cases and skins on the Steam Market.
  • Buy key with earnings: Use the funds from your sales to buy the key.

By selling enough drops, you can accumulate the funds needed to buy keys, allowing you to open cases without spending your own money.

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