It’s common knowledge at this point that skins in CS2 are not cheap. In fact, CS2 has one of the most expensive skins out of any game, with some costing in the thousands. For the average player, buying CS2 skins can get heavy on the pocket. 

Fret not as there is still a way to play with skins without spending a dime. In this guide, we will tell you how to play and earn skins just by playing the game.

Introduction to

xplay. gg is a play-to-earn service, that allows you to get rewards by playing on their servers. It’s a gamified progression system with multiple modes that you can play to earn coins. These coins can then be later traded for in-game rewards such as skins. 

The website features a variety of different game modes for all types of players. You have your classic modes like the Wingman, Casual, 1v1s, and 2v2s. Additionally, you also get modes like Retake and Pistol Retake, where teams take turns retaking a bomb site. It also features different Deathmatch modes, like AWP Deathmatch and Head-shot-only Deathmatch.

For those looking to train their duels, you have modes like Duels and Arena, both focusing on 1v1s. On top of that, for the movement players out there, xplay offers Surf and Bhop modes as well. And, this is just the tip of the iceberg, xplay offers a lot more modes catered to all kinds of players. You will have no trouble finding a mode for yourself. Here are all the modes that xplay offers.

xplay gg cs2 game modes
  • Retake – Teams take turns retaking bombsites
  • Surf – Your classic surf servers
  • Deathmatch – The traditional deathmatch we all know and love
  • Public – 5v5 Casual lobbies
  • AWP – A dedicated AWP game mode, where you duel other players on Awp_lego2
  • 2×2 – Your run-of-the-mill wingman.
  • Duels – 1v1 chaoticness
  • Pistol Retake – As implied, retakes but pistol only
  • Pistol DM – Similarly, deathmatch with pistols
  • BHOP – Parkour maps, where you bunnyhop around obstacles and courses.
  • HS DM – Headshot-only deathmatch
  • Arena – a more competitive version of Duel.

In summary, xplay is a reliable way to earn skins just by playing. Even if we put the skins part aside, xplay offers a lot of game modes that you can play for fun and practice. You can train your 1v1s, retakes, AWPing, and much more. 

How to Get Skins for Free Through xplay.GG

Moving on to the main question, how do you earn skins through

Complete Challenges and Earn xcoins

xplay gg cs2 skins for challenges

The number one way to get skins is to complete challenges. You can find multiple challenges to choose from on their challenges page. They could be as simple as getting a few kills or winning some rounds to more difficult ones like getting an ace. As the challenges get harder, the rewards also get higher.

When you do these challenges you earn xcoins. While it’s the best way, it’s not the only way to earn coins. In addition to completing challenges, you also earn xcoins by logging in daily. As you log in daily, the amount of xcoins you get also increases. You start on 10 and by day 7 you can get a whopping xcoins. These xcoins are the main currency on xplay, and they are used to buy skins.

Trading xcoins for Skins

xplay gg Trading Xcoins for Skins

Speaking of buying skins, when you have managed to earn a good amount of xcoins, you can then head over to their item shop and buy skins with them. There are both expensive options and affordable options. The skins start from 100 and continue to get expensive. Be sure to have completed all your challenges and rack up a good amount of xcoins.

How To Play With CS2 Skins For Free Through xplay.GG Skinchanger?

If you are looking to buy a redline or the Asimov lineup, it will take a lot of playing and xcoins to earn them. It’s possible but will take a bit of time. Or, if you are confused about whether to buy a skin or not. Whatever the case maybe, you can still play with skins without even buying them. 

xplay hosts skin servers, where you can play with whatever skin you want just by entering a command. You could play with the most expensive knives and a dragon lore if you want to. Of course, this is only available on their servers and you can’t do this in matchmaking. Even then, you can enjoy playing with skins without even paying a dime. 

So, you can get skins just by playing and earning coins on xplay or you can just play with any skin you want on their skin servers. Needless to say, if you want to get skins for free, xplay is a great option. Premium Subscription

xplay gg cs2 plus subscription

The article is mainly focused on how to get skins without spending money. But, the membership is worth mentioning because of the value it provides. You get a lot of benefits for an unbelievably low price.

You get two times more xcoins, random drops that offer skins, reserved slots on their servers,  invited to private giveaways, and much much more. And, you get all of this for an extremely low price of $5 per month. This is way more affordable than going out and buying skins. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t get skins on the free plan, you can still do so. But, if you can afford the monthly subscription, it will make it a lot easier. 

Is xplay.GG Safe?

With everything so good, a major concern arises for most players. Is safe? The answer is yes. There are multiple reasons as to why. Firstly, there are thousands of players currently playing on their servers, earning coins and buying skins. Secondly, xplay makes money through ads on its website and servers. So just playing there is a win-win for both the website and you. Finally, they also offer a premium subscription. All of this combined, proves that xplay is a reputable website and you won’t have any issues there.