Are CS2 Cases Profitable?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You’ll never see a return on investment (ROI) above 100% from opening cases in CS2. Think of it like gambling at a casino – the house will always win.

However, you might still get lucky and open one of your favorite skins, potentially making a decent profit.

Now, let’s explore which cases offer the highest ROI and chance of profit.

CS2 Cases with Highest ROI and Profit chance

Return on Investment is about how much money you get back after opening a case. For example, if you spend $5.00 on a case and key and get back $2.50 on average, your ROI is 50%.

Profit chance is the chance for each unbox to be worth more than the cost of opening the case.

CS:GO Weapon Case 3

Price: $5.54 + $2.50 key
ROI: 76.10%
Profit chance: 7.98%

Skins included in CS:GO Weapon Case 3

CZ75-Auto | Crimson Web
P2000 | Red FragCam
Dual Berettas | Panther
USP-S | Stainless
Glock-18 | Blue Fissure
CZ75-Auto | Tread Plate
Tec-9 | Titanium Bit
Desert Eagle | Heirloom
Five-SeveN | Copper Galaxy
CZ75-Auto | The Fuschia Is Now
P250 | Undertow
CZ75-Auto | Victoria
or an Exceedingly Rare Special Item!
CSGO Weapon case 3

Kilowatt case

Price: $0.64 + $2.50 key
ROI: 74.71%
Profit chance: 4.63%

Skins included in Kilowatt case

Dual Berettas | Hideout
MAC-10 | Light Box
Nova | Dark Sigil
SSG 08 | Dezastre
Tec-9 | Slag
UMP-45 | Motorized
XM1014 | Irezumi
Glock-18 | Block-18
M4A4 | Etch Lord
Five-SeveN | Hybrid
MP7 | Just Smile
Sawed-Off | Analog Input
M4A1-S | Black Lotus
Zeus x27 | Olympus
USP-S | Jawbreaker
AWP | Chrome Cannon
AK-47 | Inheritance
or an Exceedingly Rare Kukri Knife!
cs2 kilowatt case

Operation Wildfire Case

Price: $1.63 + $2.50 key
ROI: 70.25%
Profit chance: 6.32%

Skins included in Operation Wildfire Case

PP-Bizon | Photic Zone
Dual Berettas | Cartel
MAC-10 | Lapis Gator
SSG 08 | Necropos
Tec-9 | Jambiya
USP-S | Lead Conduit
FAMAS | Valence
Five-SeveN | Triumvirate
Glock-18 | Royal Legion
MAG-7 | Praetorian
MP7 | Impire
AWP | Elite Build
Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon
Nova | Hyper Beast
AK-47 | Fuel Injector
M4A4 | The Battlestar
or the Exceedingly Rare Bowie Knife!
cs2 case Operation wildfire

CS:GO Weapon Case 2

Price: $9.86 + $2.50 key
ROI: 67.71%
Profit chance: 5.81%

Skins included in CS:GO Weapon Case 2

Tec-9 | Blue Titanium
M4A1-S | Blood Tiger
FAMAS | Hexane
P250 | Hive
SCAR-20 | Crimson Web
Five-SeveN | Case Hardened
MP9 | Hypnotic
Nova | Graphite
Dual Berettas | Hemoglobin
P90 | Cold Blooded
USP-S | Serum
SSG 08 | Blood in the Water
or an Exceedingly Rare Special Item!
CSGO Weapon case 2

Esports Winter Case 2013

Price: $7.39 + $2.50 key
ROI: 65.54%
Profit chance: 8.63%

Skins included in Esports Winter Case 2013

Galil AR | Blue Titanium
Five-SeveN | Nightshade
PP-Bizon | Water Sigil
Nova | Ghost Camo
G3SG1 | Azure Zebra
P250 | Steel Disruption
AK-47 | Blue Laminate
P90 | Blind Spot
FAMAS | Afterimage
AWP | Electric Hive
Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption
M4A4 | X-Ray
or an Exceedingly Rare Special Item!
Esports winter case 2013

Prisma Case

Price: $0.39 + $2.50 key
ROI: 62.87%
Profit chance: 3.56%

Skins included in Prisma Case

FAMAS | Crypsis
AK-47 | Uncharted
MAC-10 | Whitefish
Galil AR | Akoben
MP7 | Mischief
P250 | Verdigris
P90 | Off World
AWP | Atheris
Tec-9 | Bamboozle
Desert Eagle | Light Rail
MP5-SD | Gauss
UMP-45 | Moonrise
R8 Revolver | Skull Crusher
AUG | Momentum
XM1014 | Incinegator
Five-SeveN | Angry Mob
M4A4 | The Emperor
or an Exceedingly Rare Special Item!
cs2 Prisma case

Horizon Case

Price: $0.56 + $2.50 key
ROI: 62.45%
Profit chance: 6.19%

Skins included in Horizon Case

AUG | Amber Slipstream
Dual Berettas | Shred
Glock-18 | Warhawk
MP9 | Capillary
P90 | Traction
R8 Revolver | Survivalist
Tec-9 | Snek-9
CZ75-Auto | Eco
G3SG1 | High Seas
Nova | Toy Soldier
MP7 | Powercore
M4A1-S | Nightmare
Sawed-Off | Devourer
FAMAS | Eye of Athena
AK-47 | Neon Rider
Desert Eagle | Code Red
or an Exceedingly Rare Special Item!
cs2 horizon case


Opening cases in CS2 is a gamble, and over time, you’re more likely to lose money than make a profit. CS2 is designed to provide a fun and thrilling gaming experience rather than a reliable investment opportunity.

Focusing on cases with the highest ROI can slightly improve your chances of getting a decent return, but it’s crucial to remember that the odds are always stacked against you.

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