Big Changes to the CS2 Major Rulebook

Valve has recently announced significant changes to the qualification process for their Major tournaments, aiming to streamline the competition and ensure the highest level of play.

These changes to the Major rulebook and the qualifier schedule include the elimination of open qualifiers in major regions, changing how teams are invited to RMR events, and redistributing regional slots for the Major.

Here is a breakdown of rulebook changes:

Removal of Open Qualifiers in Some Regions: Valve has decided to eliminate open qualifiers for the Major in certain regions, specifically Europe, North America, and South America. This means teams in these regions will not have the opportunity to compete in open brackets to earn a spot in the Major; instead, they must rely on their regional standings or perform well in closed qualifiers.

Changes to RMR Invites: Previously, teams that reached the Elimination Stage of the previous Major were given direct invites to the RMR events. This will no longer be the case. All invites to the RMR events will now be based on Valve’s Regional Standings or through the closed qualifiers.

Qualification Process: For the closed qualifiers, teams will be selected based on Regional Standings unless it is impractical to do so, which implies that open qualifiers may still be used in certain scenarios or regions where filling spots via standings is not feasible.

Regional Slot Distribution Changes: The distribution of slots for the Major has been altered. Europe now has more slots at the expense of the Americas. The Opening Stage slot distribution has also been adjusted to give more slots to the Americas and Asia, and fewer to Europe.

Schedule and Locations: All RMR events will be held in Shanghai, China, rather than their respective regions. The schedule for the qualifiers and RMR events was also detailed, showing specific dates for each region’s closed qualifiers and RMR competitions.

What is Closed Qualifier and RMR

Closed Qualifier A closed qualifier is a tournament where only a selected group of teams can participate, unlike open qualifiers where any team can join. These teams are usually invited based on their performance in previous tournaments or their regional rankings. This ensures a higher level of competition and makes the qualification process smoother.

RMR RMR stands for Regional Major Rankings. It’s a system used by Valve to decide which teams qualify for their Major tournaments. These rankings are based on how teams perform in various regional tournaments leading up to the Major. RMR events are regional competitions where teams earn points towards their standings. The teams with the most points typically qualify for the Major.

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