The highly anticipated Tuscan map for CS:GO was finally added on the game’s 10-year anniversary. To help you navigate this map like a pro, here are some of the most commonly used map callouts. Knowing the Tuscan callouts can help your team coordinate tactics and ultimately improve your chances of winning the game.

CSGO Tuscan map callouts

History of Tuscan

Tuscan was a popular map back in the Counter-Strike 1.6 days. When CS:GO was released, the map needed to be approved by Valve, to become a competitive map. In 2013, the map was replaced by another map from 1.6 called cpl_strike, which was renamed Mirage. In 2017, Mohamad ‘mOE’ Assad tried to buy the rights to the map and remake it, but the deal was not completed and Valve was not interested in the map. In 2020, with the help of Colin ‘Brute’ Volrath, the map was remade by the popular map make catfood and was added to the workshop. In August 2022, the map received Valve’s approval and was added to the competitive map pool.

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