Why CSGOHUB is such a great aim training map

CSGOHUB is great because it contains game modes ideally for practicing all aspects of your aim. The difficulty for each game mode can be adjusted to your skill level.  What you will find in this article is two aim training routines for both beginners and advanced players.
If you are new to the CSGOHUB map you will benefit from reading this map review first.

The beginner aim routine

This beginner routine is for you who want to improve your basic aim skills. The routine consists of four exercises that ensure you practice all the important aim mechanics. If you practice with consistency you will build a strong foundation for when you are ready to move on to a more advanced level.

Exercise 1: progressive speed aim

This part takes place in range mode.
Shoot 200 bots while slowly increasing the shooting speed. For every 50 kills, shoot around 50% faster. The accuracy will naturally decrease but don’t worry about that, it’s part of the process. For the first 100 kills focus on getting high accuracy and for the last 100 kills focus more on your maximising your speed but try to maintain a decent accuracy. You will miss more shots when increasing the speed, but it’s exactly where you become better. End the progressive speed aim exercise with a 50 kills speed challenge to follow your progress.

Exercise 2: aim reflex

This part takes place in time trial mode.
Perform 3 rounds on the beginner level. On this level, the bots disappear after 1.25 sec. If it’s too easy progress to the advanced level but take note that it becomes significantly harder as the time gets down to 0.75 sec. When you do the aim reflex exercise try to react as fast as possible as if it was a reflex that was activated. Always shoot for the head when you spray toward the bot.

Exercise 3: crosshair placement

This part takes place in prefire mode.
Perform 3 rounds on each map. Set bots to play with Glock pistols only.
Use your counter-strafing technique to shoot the bots one at a time. Don’t hurry, take your time to get the technique right. When you get used to the bot positions you can speed up your movement to become more smooth. Over time the counter strafe movement becomes more effortless to perform. Remember to not hold down the counter strafe key, only tap it.

Exercise 4: aim tracking

This part takes place in shuffle mode.
Shoot 100 bots with AWP. Hold the crosshair on the target for a brief moment before you shoot. This improves the micro-adjustments that help you keep the crosshair on the target. For the last 50 kills progress to shoot as soon as the crosshair hits the target. You will miss more shots but once said the misses are what let you become better as long as you don’t miss all of them.

The advanced aim routine

This training routine is for you who already know how to aim but want to become better in a fun way. The routine consists of five exercises that focus on the harder aim skills and utilize the best from the included game modes. Use the routine before playing to warmup your aim

Exercise 1: don’t cross the line

This part takes place in bot rush mode
Start where you comfortably can kill the bots without any of them crossing the line. For each 100 kill streak add +1 bot. Continue like this for 5-10 minutes. Eventually, you’ll get to 8 or 9 bots where it becomes extremely hard to maintain a flow of accurate shots to continue killing the bots without a reset. You want to reach the point where you no longer can hold a streak for a long time and you need to overextend your skills in order to try.

Exercise 2: react to randomness

This part takes place in time trial mode.
Perform 2 rounds on the advanced level. In these rounds shoot the bots with one taps only. Focus on having patience in your shots, you should have time to get the crosshair on the head before you pull the trigger. If it’s too hard, consider going back to the beginner aim routine and using the aim reflex exercise.

Next, perform 2 rounds on the pro level. On the pro level, the bots disappear after 0.5 sec. You need to react instantly by flicking the crosshair or you will miss the shot. Force your attention to focus as much as possible so you can react as fast as possible. Have in mind that it should take no longer than 4-5 shots to kill the bot.

Exercise 3: spray the running bots

This part takes place in bot rush mode.
Adjust the number of bots down to 2-3. Start spraying at one of the running bots and transfer your spray onto the next while you keep spraying. Continue for 5-10 minutes. Adjust your spray according to the feedback you get from the tracers every third bullet. When you transfer your spray have your eyes on the next target, not the crosshair. Do not worry about the killing streak it’s not what matters in this spray transfer exercise

Exercise 4: tap the heads

This part takes place in spray mode.
Shoot the bots aiming for one taps only. Turn next spawn off so you can’t see the next bot position. Find a comfortable fire rate with a consistent shooting pace.
Another way to approach this exercise is to shoot with mixed a mixed pace. For example, fire 3 shots in rapid succession followed by a short pause, or follow a melody from one of your favorite songs. By synchronizing your shooting with a beat you increase focus and get into more flow.

Exercise 5: flick the AWP

This part takes place in shuffle mode.
Shoot 50 bots with AWP. For every shot, turn either left or right to look in another direction. This makes the exercise more versatile as you shift your vision field around the map. Don’t go for the nearest bot, but make sure you flick the crosshair across the screen. Gradually increase the flick distance for every 10 kills. Don’t hold back to try to shooting the bots standing in the holes and behind the walls.

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