M4A1-Silencer: The stealthy choice

The M4A1-Silencer, simply called M4A1-S, is a solid choice. The weapon known for its suppressed fire and precise shooting. The M4A1-S offers a more stealthy approach compared to the M4A4. Its reduced noise and invisible tracers make it an ideal choice if you’re looking to remain undetected while shooting through smoke grenades.

Despite the obvious advantages, the limited magazine size challenges you to make every shot count. If you learn to utilize the stealthy advantages of the M4A1-S the weapon becomes a very powerful choice.

M4A1-S Weapon CS2, printstream skin


Basics stats

Price: $2900
Damage: 38
Recoil: 21
Armor penetration: 70%
Damage falloff: @ 12.7 meter 6%
Firerate: 600 RPM
Magazine size: 20
Ammo in reserve: 80
Movement speed: 225
Reload time: 3.07 seconds
Kill reward: $300

Advanced stats

Standing 5.40
Crouching 4.60
Running 127.40

Bullets to kill against armor, chest hits
2.54 meters: 4 bullets
76.2 meters: 6 bullets

Time to kill
2.54 meters: 0.30 seconds
30.48 meters: 0.40 seconds


M4A1-S Damage chart with armor, cs2
M4A1-S Damage chart without armor, cs2



  • Suppressed fire - The silencer leaves no tracers and reduces gunshot noise, making it harder for enemies to pinpoint your location.
  • Easy spray control - Many players find the spray pattern of the M4A1-S easier to control.
  • High body damage - The M4A1-S does excellent damage to the body, especially at close range.


  • No one tap potential - The M4A1-S needs to hit two bullets in the head to kill an enemy with a helmet due to a lower headshot multiplier.
  • Reduced magazine size - With only 20 bullets the M4A1-S has a lower potential damage output in a single magazine.
  • Extended weapon visibility - In certain situations, the extended length of the gun due to the silencer can give away your position, especially when hiding in tight spots.


The M4A1-S spray is easy to control due to its low amount of recoil and relatively low firerate compared to other weapons.

CS2 m4a1-s spray pattern
Spray pattern
Recoil compensation

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