AK-47: The main rifle used by terrorists

The AK-47 is the most commonly used weapon in CS2, often making up most of the terrorist team’s firepower. The AK-47 is known for its one-tap potential and it’s effectiveness at both short at long range. Its high damage and armor penetration make the rifle a popular choice for players looking to take down enemies quickly.

Despite its effectiveness, mastering the mechanics can be a challenging task. However, taking the time to become familiar with controlling the spray is time well spent. With practice and patience, mastering the AK-47 can reward you with more kills.

AK47 Weapon CS2, wild lotus skin


Basics stats

Price: $2700
Damage: 36
Recoil: 30
Armor penetration: 77.5%
Damage falloff @ 12.7 meters: 2%
Firerate: 600 RPM
Magazine size: 30
Movement speed: 215
Ammo in reserve: 90
Reload time: 2.43 seconds
Kill reward: $300

Advanced stats

Crouching 5.41
Standing 7.01
Running 182.07

Bullets to kill against armor (chest hits)
2.54 meters: 4 bullets
76.2 meters: 5 bullets

Time to kill
2.54 meters: 0.3 seconds
30.48 meters: 0.3 seconds

Damage charts

AK47 damage chart with armor cs2
AK47 Damage chart NO armor, cs2

Pros and cons of the AK-47


  • One-shot kill potential - Due to its high damage the AK-47 can take down enemies with just one shot in the head.
  • High accuracy - The AK-47 remains accurate across long distances and does not lose much damage as well.
  • Cheap price - With a price point of just $2700 dollars, it's accessible to players at most rounds
  • Fast reload and deploy time - It takes les than 2.5 seconds to reload the AK-47 and only 1 sec before its ready to shoot after switching


  • High recoil - The high recoil can be challenging to control, especially for inexperienced players
  • Hard to master spray control - Mastering the AK-47 spray control requires time, but with practice you can easily improve
  • Low accuracy when moving - You need to stand still or you will miss all of your shots

AK-47 spray and recoil pattern

The AK 47’s spray is hard to control due to its high amount of recoil when firing. However, mastering the spray control will put you in a much stronger position when facing an enemy.

CS2 AK47 spray pattern
Spray pattern
AK-47 recoil compensation, csgo
Recoil compensation

Best AK-47 skins

Wild Lotus skin AK47, cs2 skins
Wild Lotus
Fire Serpent skin AK47, cs2 skins
Fire Serpent
Case Hardened skin AK47, cs2 skins
Case Hardened
Bloodsport skin AK47, cs2 skins
Asiimov skin AK47, cs2 skins
Frontside Misty skin AK47, cs2 skins
Frontside Misty
Vulcan skin AK47, cs2 skins
Aquamarine Revenge skin AK47, cs2 skins
Aquamarine Revenge
Fuel Injector skin AK47, cs2 skins
Fuel Injector
Ice Coaled skin AK47, cs2 skins
Ice Coaled
Legion of Anubis skin AK47, cs2 skins
Legion of Anubis
X-Ray skin AK47, cs2 skins
Neon Rider skin AK47, cs2 skins
Neon Rider
Neon Revolution skin AK47, cs2 skins
Neon Revolution
Point Disarray skin AK47, cs2 skins
Point Disarray
The Empress skin AK47, cs2 skins
The Empress
Redline skin AK47, cs2 skins
Elite Build skin AK47, cs2 skins
Elite Build
Slate skin AK47, cs2 skins

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