AWP: The Most Dominating Weapon in CS2

The AWP, or Arctic Warfare Police sniper rifle, is a dominating weapon in CS2. It is renowned for its ability to deliver instant kills with a single shot, with the exception of shots to the legs. This sniper rifle has excellent precision and long-range power, making it a common choice for players looking to eliminate enemies from a safe distance. However, the AWP comes with its own set of challenges, such as a significantly reduced movement speed when scoped in and lengthy reload times. Mastering the art of quick-scoping and smart positioning is crucial to unleash the full potential of this powerful sniper.

AWP Weapon CS2, dragon lore skin


Basics stats

Price: $4,750
Damage: 115
Recoil: 78.0
Armor penetration: 97.50%
Damage falloff: @ 12.7 meter 1%
Firerate: 41.24 RPM
Magazine size: 5
Movement speed: 200 (100 when scoped)
Ammo in reserve: 30
Reload time: 3.67 seconds
Kill reward: $100

Advanced stats

Standing 2.20
Crouching 1.70
Running 257.48

Bullets to kill against armor, chest hits
2.54 meters: 1 bullet
76.2 meters: 1 bullet

Time to kill
2.54 meters: Instant
30.48 meters: Instant


CS2 AWP Damage chart with armor
CS2 AWP Damage chart no armor



  • High accuracy: This allows you to land precise shots on enemy
  • One-shot kill potential: The AWP is capable of dealing massive damage, often resulting in one-shot kills
  • Long-range effectiveness: The AWP's powerful scope lets you take out enemies from a safe distance. This can be really helpful in situations where it's better to stay away from your opponents.


  • Slow movement speed: The downside of the AWP's great accuracy is that your movement speed is much slower when scoped in.
  • Lengthy reload times: The AWP takes longer to reload than other weapons in the game. This can be risky if you're in close combat or facing multiple enemies at once
  • Expensive price: The AWP is one of the priciest weapons in CS2, costing $4750. This means you will have to manage your in-game money carefully.

Best AWP skins

AWP skin Dragon Lore, csgo skins
Dragon Lore
AWP skin Gungnir, csgo skins
AWP skin The Prince, csgo skins
AWP Doodle Lore, revolution case
Doodle Lore
AWP skin Desert Hydra, csgo skins
Desert Hydra
AWP skin The Prince, csgo skins
The Prince
AWP skin Oni Taiji, csgo skins
Oni Taiji
AWP skin Hyper Beast, csgo skins
Hyper Beast
AWP skin Neo-Noir, csgo skins
AWP skin Medusa, csgo skins
AWP skin Man-o'-war, csgo skins
AWP skin Exoskeleton, csgo skins
AWP skin Atheris, csgo skins
AWP skin Asiimov, csgo skins
AWP skin Acheron, csgo skins
AWP skin Lightning Strike, csgo skins
Lightning Strike
AWP skin Redline, csgo skins
AWP skin Mortis, csgo skins
AWP skin Containment Breach, csgo skins
Containment Breach

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