A look into the massive update of Counter-Strike 2

Valve has released a significant update to Counter-Strike 2, introducing a host of new features and improvements set to enhance the game even further.

Map Changes

Dust2 has been replaced with Mirage on the official Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test matchmaking servers.

New Loadout Feature

The update introduces an innovative loadout feature that allows players to select a total of 15 weapons before matches. This includes four pistols in addition to the starting pistol, five mid-tier weapons from the SMG and Heavy categories, and five rifles. This means that players can now equip both the M4A1-S and M4A4 on the CT side, replacing one of the other traditional rifles.

Buy Menu and Refunds

The buy menu has received an interesting upgrade, with a new grid layout that displays all purchase options simultaneously. The update also introduces a refund feature for unused weapons purchased in the same round, along with indicators to help monitor the weapons and utilities that teammates are carrying.

CS 2 in game Buy menu interface, counter-strike 2

Improved Footstep Sounds

The update ensures that the sound of a player’s footsteps is accurately synchronized with their in-game actions, regardless of any network delay or latency. This improvement allows players to rely on real-time auditory cues.

Changes in Volumetric Smoke Effects

The update introduces improvements to volumetric smoke effects, including enhanced lighting and rendering when smoke overlaps multiple distinctly lit regions, reduced effect times of HE grenades on smoke, and larger smoke holes created by shotguns.

Enhanced Sub-Tick System

The update refines the Sub-Tick system, resulting in more precise movement and improved key release responsiveness. It also enables the top player in a triple-stack to shoot. Additionally, weapon aim and camera shake effects are better synchronized and remain unaffected by network latency.

VAC Anti-Cheat Updates

The Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) system can now live ban players and terminate matches. The match will not affect any player’s Skill Group. Players on the opposite team of the VAC-banned player will earn XP for the match.

New Workshop Tools

Counter-Strike 2 now offers workshop tools, enabling community members to create weapon finishes, stickers, and maps. However, it’s important to note that the Steam Community Workshop does not yet support uploading CS2 maps.

Additional update improvements

The update also includes several key enhancements, such as refining the viewmodel ‘inspect’ to eliminate animation popping, enhancing traversal animation, and creating distinct character motions for actions like jumping and running off a ledge. Furthermore, performance and responsiveness are boosted in both windowed and full-screen modes, while resolving various bugs and rendering artifacts.

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