Valve’s May 2024 update introduces a skin renting feature for CS2. Instead of using the key to open a case and keep one weapon skin, you can now choose to unlock all skins (except knives) for 7 days. After this period, the rented skin will be removed from your inventory.

The cost for renting skins in CS2 is €2.35, equivalent to opening a case. Rented skins are not eligible for StatTrak and cannot be modified in any way.

Currently, only skins from the Kilowatt Case are available for rent.

Quick steps to rent skins in CS2

Once you have this in your inventory, simply open CS2, go to your inventory, select the case, and click ‘unlock container‘. You will then be brought to the case unlock screen, where you can choose the Open to Rent option. Simply confirm that you wish to open to rent and you will have your skins.

  • Purchase a key to open the case
  • Click on the case and select Unlock container
  • Choose the “Open for Rent” option.

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