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Collect your 2023 Service Medal

A new 2023 Service Medal will be available starting on January 1st. This medal is a special item that you can display on your avatar, so other players can inspect it to see what rank you have achieved. You can earn this medal by playing in official game modes and ranking up your CS:GO profile. When you reach level 40, also known as Global General Rank, your level will reset and you will have the option to collect or upgrade your service medal.

Rank up and earn new colors for your service medal

The service medal has six different levels, each with its own color. Each time you reach rank 40, you move on to the next level. The colors of the service medal levels are as follows:

Levels and colors

Level 1: Gray
Level 2: Green
Level 3: Blue
Level 4: Purple
Level 5: Pink
Level 6: Red

CSGO Service medals 2023

CS:GO XP System Explained

To earn XP, you simply have to play the game. Any game mode will work, but only “official” modes from Valve give out XP. This means that ESEA and FACEIT won’t give you any XP. Each level requires 5000 XP, so you need 195,000 XP to reach the Global General Rank 40. It can take a long time to earn all the XP needed to reach Rank 40, but don’t hesitate, because you will receive a weekly bonus of 5000 XP that resets every week.

How to get more XP

To maximize your XP gains, it’s important that you complete the games you started. Additionally, taking on operations and completing the missions within them can also boost your XP. These operations are available for a limited time and can be accessed by purchasing an operation pass. Keep in mind that the more you play, the more XP you can earn.

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