Collect your 2024 Service Medal

Beginning January 1st, a new 2024 service medal will be available. This unique award can be showcased on your avatar for other players to view your rank. Achieve the medal by participating in official game modes and advancing your CS2 profile. When you reach level 40, also called Global General Rank, your level will reset, allowing you to upgrade your current service medal.

Earn new colors for your service medal

The service medal features six distinct tiers, each with a unique color. Each time you reach rank 40, you progress to the next tier. The colors representing the different levels of the service medal are shown below:

CS2 Service Medal Colors

Level 1: Gray
Level 2: Green
Level 3: Blue
Level 4: Purple
Level 5: Pink
Level 6: Red

Service medals 2024 CS2

CS2 XP System Overview

Gaining XP in CS2 is straightforward: simply participate in the game. Any mode is acceptable, but only “official” modes sanctioned by Valve award XP. Third-party platforms like ESEA and FACEIT do not offer XP. Each level demands 5000 XP, totaling 195,000 XP to attain Global General Rank 40. Reaching Rank 40 may take considerable time, but don’t worry, by playing the game you will gain a bonus of 5000 XP that refreshes every week.

Tips to Increase XP

For optimal XP accumulation, it’s crucial to finish the games you begin. Engaging in operations and fulfilling their missions can further enhance your XP. These operations, which require an operation pass, are temporarily available. Remember, the more you engage in the game, the greater your XP gain will be.

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