Playing 1v1 against a friend can be super intense, as you’ll be face-to-face without the support of a full team. In this scenario, it’s all up to you to secure the victory.

To get started with a 1v1 match, you need to set up a server for it. For some people, this might be a bit difficult. That’s why this guide is here to help.

Learn in three simple steps how to quickly get started with a 1v1 match.

Step 1: Create a private server

To create a private server open the developer console and write map “map name”

Replace “map name” with the name of the map you want to play e.g. “aim_map_classic”.

Step 2: Invite your friend to join the server

Next, you need to copy the server IP address and send it to your friend.

To find the IP address write status in the console.

To join the server write connect “IP”.

csgo 1v1 server ip address console

Step 3: Configure the server for 1v1

Different settings would be suitable to use depending on the type of game you and your friend want to play against each other. So, choose the settings that work best for the game you’re playing.

Slow pace competitive game
If you want to play on a competitive map, where you’d like the option to buy your own weapons and have more time to think about your strategy before the round starts, then the following settings would be useful:

mp_freezetime 10
mp_buytime 0.20
mp_roundtime_defuse 1.5
mp_warmup_end 1 mp_startmoney 2000


mp_freezetime 10;mp_buytime 0.20;mp_roundtime_defuse 1.5;mp_warmup_end 1;mp_startmoney 2000 bot_kick
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Fast pace aim duel game
On the other hand, if you want to play a quick aim duel, where the rounds are shorter and focus is on mechanical skills rather than tactics, then the following settings would be great to use:

mp_freezetime 0 mp_buytime 0
mp_roundtime_defuse 0.5
mp_warmup_end 1
mp_startmoney 0


mp_freezetime 0;mp_buytime 0;mp_roundtime_defuse 0.5;mp_warmup_end 1;mp_startmoney 0;bot_kick
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Start the match with the  mp_restartround 1 command.

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