This is a review of a CS:GO aim training map called CSGOHUB. The map is excellent to improve all aspects of your aim. You can enter various game modes and adjust the settings to your skill level. 

We will go through each game mode and talk about the efficiency of improving basic and advanced aim skills.
If you’re not familiar with the different CSGO aim skills you can check out this overview here

CSGOHUB has five different categories consisting of different game modes.
The five categories are:

  • Warmup
  • Challenges
  • Prefire
  • Movement
  • Spraying

You can choose between various settings for each category and select any weapon you want to practice with.
Let’s go through each category and game mode.


In this mode, the bots are standing still as they do in the popular Aim Botz Training Map. Since the bots are standing still you decide for yourself what you want to practice. You can adjust the number of bots and make them stand with or without armor. You can also adjust the range of how far the bots are spawning from you.

Range mode is great to practice raw aim mechanics such as eye-hand coordination. The great thing about this game mode is that there is no outside pressure. This lets you practice at your own pace. It can be a good way to start with shooting slowly and increase the speed gradually.

Bot rush

In this game mode, bots are rushing towards you from behind cover. You have a streak counter that reset each time a bot crosses the line to the platform. You can adjust the number of bots rushing towards you.

When playing bot rush mode you are forced to quickly switch between multiple targets. You need to constantly think forward and be aware of which bots you are going to shoot next. This makes the game mode great for improving overview and speed. It becomes significantly harder to maintain the streak for each bot you add. If you easily can get a 200+ kill streak you should add another bot.
The pressure you feel from the running bots can help you stay calm when multiple

CSGOHUB bot rush mode


In shuffle mode, bots are shuffling from side to side to mimic sideways movement.
Boxes and other obstacles are placed around the map to create a diversified environment.  This is created to shoot targets at different heights and behind covers. The bots are placed at a long-range distance which makes them harder to hit.

The shuffle mode is great to improve your ability to shoot moving targets. You improve timing your shots which is important in competitive matches. Choose to practice with any shooting technique you want. You could work your way through tapping, bursting, and spraying at the target or you could take the AWP to practice your flick. For advanced practice try to transfer sprays onto multiple targets.

CSGOHUB shuffle mode

Time trial

In time trial mode one bot at a time is spawning in front of you and has to shoot it before it quickly disappears. One round is 45 bots There are 3 levels: 

  • Beginner – bots disappear after 1.25 sec
  • Advanced – bots disappear after 0.75 sec
  • Pro  – bots disappear after 0.5 sec

This game mode is excellent to improve your flicking skills because the bots are spawning at random positions so you are unable to predict the position of the next target. You don’t have much time to think before moving the crosshair onto the target, especially on the pro level you need to react instantly. This is great practice for your reaction time when you mentally focus on reacting as fast as possible.

CSGOHUB time trial

Speed challenge

In the speed challenge mode, you have to shoot 50 bots as fast as possible. You can see kills per minute(KPM) and the total time it takes to complete.

This game mode is useful for improving speed, precision, and overview. You need to have some idea about which bots you are going to shoot next. The speed challenge has this competitive element by tracking your KPM and time, compared to the range mode that has no competitive element. This put some outside pressure that in my experience enhanced focus. You can use this game mode to test yourself and get a baseline score to come back later and see if you have improved.

CSGOHUB speed challenge


In prefire mode, you work your way through four maps where bots are placed in the most common prefire positions on the bomb site. Shoot all the bots to go on to the next map. The bots shoot back and if you die you have to start over. You can change the bot weapon to make the difficulty harder, choose between Glock, UMP, or AK47.
It will track your total time and attempts to complete. The map order is:

  • B site Inferno
  • B site Dust 2
  • A site Overpass
  • A site Cache

The prefire game mode is great for improving crosshair placement and your counter strafing technique while getting comfortable peeking angles on the different bomb sites. Unfortunately, the prefire mode doesn’t include all competitive CSGO maps. Therefore, CSGOHUB is not the best map to practice prefire. To find more prefire maps search for “yprac guide” in the steam workshop.

CSGOHUB prefire mode


The spraying mode has been added recently to the CSGOHUB aim training map. In the game mode, you practice your spray transfer which is the hardest aim skill to master. You can see your stats of the previous spray, how many shots, hits, kills, and accuracy.

You can choose infinite ammo. I recommend turning this off as you will get more precise stats. As a default setting, you can see where the next target is going to spawn. You can turn this off on the settings panel. If you are comfortable with the spray control I highly recommend turning the  “predict spawns” off.

csgohub spray mode

Bunny hop

Bunny hop mode will not teach you how to B-hop because the game mode has some predetermined settings that let you hold down the jump button to make the bhop.


Surf mode is mostly played to have fun and is not something so useful in competitive matches.


KZ mode is a fantastic way to practice your movement mechanics. It will let you move more efficiently in-game without thinking too much about the movement. Practicing KZ will help get to more difficult spots on regular maps that require advanced movement techniques.


CSGOHUB is a very good aim training map that covers all aspects of aim training. It is easy to navigate through the different game modes and settings which can be adjusted to the individual skill level. The game modes let you practice all CSGO aim skills.

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