Manipulate your opponent with this Ramp fake tactic

Winning in CS:GO often means outsmarting your opponents with clever tactics. One such tactic is the fake ramp strategy on Nuke. By tricking the enemy into moving away from their positions, you can leave the A site more to attack. This guide will give you easy steps to follow and things to keep in mind.

Four players quickly rush the ramp

At the beginning of the round, four players make their way quickly toward the ramp, maintaining a tight formation to maximize firepower. Meanwhile, the fifth player positions himself by the door, close enough to hear enemy movements.

The four players’ job is to make as much noise as possible tricking the CTs into thinking it’s a fast ramp rush. This will likely make one or more CTs rotate away from their position on A site.

csgo nuke, T players going ramp

Make contact and rotate back to the lobby

Once contact has been made with any CTs the team exchanges a few shots before retreating. Ensure that the team can quickly rotate back to the lobby without moving too far or getting stuck in an awkward position. Here smoke grenades and other utility can be used to sell the fake. The best case would be to get a kill or two or see the CT player rotating down to the B site.

Last player stays at door listening for information

As the rest of the team regroups in the lobby, the fifth player remains at the door, carefully listening for any CTs rotating from the A site or other parts of the map. It’s important to communicate any enemy movements to the team, giving the necessary information. The fifth player must avoid engaging the enemy unless absolutely necessary.

csgo nuke, T player listen for information squeaky door on Nuke

All players push A site together

Once the team has received information about enemy rotations, all five players should push into A site. To maximize the effectiveness, the team should push the site from both Hut and door. Splitting a push like this is more likely to catch the enemy off guard, making it easier to secure the bomb site.

Plant the bomb and secure after-plant positions

After successfully entering A site, the team should aim to quickly plant the bomb and establish strong after-plant positions. If the ramp rake worked as intended, the team might find the bombsite empty or with limited enemy presence. However, be prepared to adapt to different scenarios, as different opponents might react in various ways to your strategy. Quick decision-making and effective communication are key to success in these situations.

csgo nuke, T player planting bomb on A site

What to keep in mind using the fake ramp tactic

High-level FACEIT players may not fall for this kind of fake strategy, but in matchmaking, it’s often seen as an effective way to confuse the CTs and make them over-rotate.

If you’re the person holding the door, be aware of the possibility that CTs can push hut and take your teammates from behind. Therefore, it’s a good idea to hold a position further from the door where you can see into the lobby. Also, consider learning a few grenades to flash your way onto the ramp and when pushing into A site. You could also learn a fast heaven and main smoke to block off the site.

If you gain total ramp control, it’s possible to send one or two players toward heaven and split the A site from three angles.”

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