Glock vs USP

The Glock and USP are the standard CSGO pistols for respectively the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist teams.

After reading this comparison you will know what advantages each weapon has and deepen your understanding of both strengths and weaknesses. The understanding can help you make better decisions and decide how to get the best out of each weapon.

The following is a list of the advantages of each weapon:


  • Burst feature
  • Faster fire rate
  • Better at close range
  • More bullets
  • Less recoil
  • Higher moving accuracy
  • Faster reload time


  • Silencer
  • Higher damage
  • Better at long range
  • Higher standing and crouching accuracy
  • Fewer bullets to kill
  • Faster deploy time


Taking a look at the raw damage points, the Glock deals 30 dmg compared to 35 dmg for the USP. Adding the slightly higher armor penetration for the USP makes it even more damaging.

When hitting the chest against armor at a 2.5m distance, the Glock deals 13.6 dmg while the USP deals 17.3 dmg. These stats tell that the Glock needs 8 bullets to the chest before killing an enemy at 2.5 meters distance, compared to 6 bullets for the USP.

Damage dropoff

There is a significant difference in the damage dropoff. The Glock has a 15% drop in damage per 12,7m compared to 9% for the USP. This means that across a 35m distance the Glock damage drops 36.5% compared to 23.1% for the USP. To give some perspective, 35m is about the half distance of A long Dust 2.

The damage dropoff data shows that, across a 35 meters distance, the Glock goes from 6 to 12 bullets before killing an enemy when hitting the chest. For the USP, the bullets only go from 6 to 8. This means that the Glock needs the same amount of bullets to kill at a distance of 2.5 meters as the USP needs at a distance of 38 meters.

According to the above information, we can conclude that the Glock is more suited for close-range battles while the USP is better at long-range battles.


The Glock has way more bullets than the USP, 233% more bullets to be exact.

Because the USP only has 36 bullets in total you need to be careful not to use unnecessary shots. The difference in ammunition seems to balance out the slightly lower damage.

Burst vs Silencer

Burst vs Silencer or Firepower vs Stealth?

Both the burst function and the silencer have their advantages. Burst is powerful at close range and can do a lot of damage if people are grouped together and you surprise them with a peek.

The silencer is good at being stealthy. This is useful when playing around smokes or being in a hectic firefight with grenades and shots flying around. Here the USP can almost become invisible.

Let’s take an example. If you are hiding behind sandbags on banana inferno and the enemies are running past you as they move forward throwing grenades into the site. When you start shooting them in the back it can be very hard for them to hear where the USP shots are coming from and they might not turn around before it’s too late. This advantage can be useful in various scenarios.


As we already know the Glock is more suited for close-range battle. When fighting at close range, you rely less on accuracy than at the longer range.

The Glock has a recoil at 18 points vs 23 points for the USP. This makes the Glock easier to control when shooting at a high pace. The Glock also has better accuracy while moving which is an advantage when playing Terrorist because you often enter a bombsite while running.

The USP on the other hand has higher accuracy when standing still or crouching. This is an advantage when holding angles or counter strafing which you often do as Counter-Terrorist.

Fire rate

When looking at the firerate you find that the maximum shooting pace for the Glock is 150ms between each shot compared to 170ms for the USP. This means that it takes 1.5 sec for the Glock to shoot 10 bullets at max speed while the USP takes 1.7 sec.

When trying to find the best possible shooting pace you should look at the recovery time which is the time it takes before the weapon becomes fully accurate after you stop shooting. The recovery time for the Glock is 200ms compared to 349ms for the USP. These data suggest that the Glock can shoot at a higher pace without losing accuracy.

Remember that when you are at close range you don’t rely as much on accuracy as on the longer range. This validates the point that the Glock is more suited for close-range battles.

Reload and deploy times

The USP has a slightly faster reload and deploy time. You can see the times below.

Reload times

  • Glock 2.27 sec
  • USP 2.17 sec

Deploy times

  • Glock 1.1 sec
  • USP 1.0 sec

This data shows, that if two players see each other with their knives out and switch back to the pistol at the same time, the USP will be ready to shoot 100ms before the Glock.


Each pistol has its advantages. The Glock is more suited for playing Terrorist where the mission is to attack the bombsites and the USP is better for playing Counter-Terrorist where you need to defend bombsites.

The comparison suggests that when you play with the USP you should prefer long-range duels because of the lower damage dropoff by distance. On the other hand, the Glock is better at close range because of the burst function and due to the lower recoil, it is better at shooting at a higher pace.

Looking at the power of each bullet the USP is more powerful, but this seems balanced by the lower ammo in the magazine and reserve.