Static Bots Aim Training Routine

This CS2 aim training routine is for you who are new to aim training or want to go back to the basics. The exercise you will be practicing will improve your fundamental aim skills. The exercise is divided into three parts. The difficulty will gradually increase as the exercise changes.

Before starting, close three out of the four angles.

Let’s start the training!

Part 1

In the first part, make sure that the crosshair is positioned on the bot’s head before you tap it with a single bullet. Focus on slowing down your mouse movement to avoid over flicking.

Continue like this for 50 kills.

For the next 50 kills, flick your crosshair onto the bot’s head. This action will likely lead to overflicking, and that’s precisely what we want now. In this part of the exercise, focus on the micro-adjustments needed to align the crosshair onto the head.

Part 2

In the second part, you ramp up the speed a little. Flick your crosshair onto the bot and tap as soon as you think you will hit the head. If you miss your first shot tap a new one right after. Avoid bursting or spraying multiple bullets.

Continue like this for 50 kills.

For the next 50 kills, ramp up the speed even more. Don’t worry about missing a shot. Instead, focus on the next one. All your missed shots are a big part of why your aim is improving.

Part 3

In the last part, you start bursting 2 to 3 bullets against each bot. Instead of flicking as you did before, you start slowly. Gradually increase the shooting speed until you miss most of your shots.


Aim training in CS2 should not be overcomplicated. Try to make the practice a meaningful and fun activity. This helps you stay focused and motivates you to continue training.

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