Mouse acceleration is a feature built-in in Windows to make your cursor more precise, but it has done more harm than good. While there may be some benefits to mouse acceleration it’s usually best to have it disabled. 

Not only does it make your sensitivity inconsistent it also makes aiming in general hard. However, this is for the default mouse acceleration option Windows has. There is a way to make Mouse Acceleration useful and improve your aim (more on that later).

But before that, we have to go over what mouse acceleration is, why it’s bad, and how to turn it off.

What is Mouse Acceleration

In layman’s terms, mouse acceleration changes the sensitivity of your mouse depending on the speed of mouse movement. If you flick hard, the sensitivity will become higher. Same for the slow, if you are moving your mouse slowly the sensitivity will decrease.

Mouse Acceleration is Bad for CS2

CS2 has a very short TTK (time to kill) where it only takes 1-4 bullets to kill an enemy, meaning you need to be really good at aiming. Part of getting a good aim is building a muscle memory on your sensitivity. It’s knowing how far your crosshair will travel on the screen when you move your mouse. For this, your sensitivity should stay consistent.

While mouse acceleration can be useful for day-to-day browsing where accuracy isn’t your concern, for CS2 it is quite problematic. However, if you like playing with mouse acceleration consider checking out tools that allow you to customize it like RawAccel or Custom Curve.

How to Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows

It’s obvious that mouse acceleration is not good for CS2. It messes up your aim and overall does more harm than good. Here’s how you turn it off.

  • Go to Mouse Settings via the Windows Search Bar.
  • Click on “Additional Mouse Options” under Related Options.
  • Under Pointer Options, uncheck the “Enable Pointer Precision” box.
  • Apply to save the changes.
How to disable mouse acceleration, Enhance Pointer Precision.


Disabling mouse acceleration can significantly improve your aim. The sensitivity will now feel more consistent. If you have played on mouse acceleration for a long time, it might take some time to readjust. Just practice a bit and you will build that new muscle memory.

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