MP9 vs MAC-10

This article compare and explore the differences between the MP9 and MAC-10. The MP9  is only available on the CT side and the MAC-10 is only available on the T side. This should get one to think that the MP9 is a better weapon for defending and the MAC-10 is a better weapon for attacking.

Based on different weapons stats like accuracy and firepower it seems like the weapons are well-balanced but each weapon certainly has its own advantages in different situations.

Let’s find out what each weapon is good for.

The following is a list of the advantages of each weapon:


  • Higher short-range damage
  • Lower price
  • Better at running and shooting
  • Lower recoil
  • Simpler spray pattern
  • High accuracy on ladders


  • Higher damage per second
  • Faster spray reset
  • Quicker reload
  • Better at jumping and shooting
  • Better basic accuracy
  • Less damage decreases by distance


The MAC-10 has 11.54% higher damage with a three points difference. However, this does not mean that the MAC-10 deals more damage when taking other factors into account. Looking at how much damage decreases by distance, The MAC-10 loses significantly more damage. The data tells us that the damage of the MAC-10 decreases 72.5% from 2.54m to 76.2m, compared to 56.7% for the MP9.

Looking into the details of the damage falloff, you find that the MP9 starts dealing more damage at 10 meters.

From the information above, we can conclude that The MAC-10 deals more damage at short range and as the enemy get further away, the MP9 becomes significantly more powerful.

Recoil and spray pattern

On paper, the MAC-10 should be slightly easier to control with recoil at 18 compared to 19 for the MP9. This is only 5.26% which is not much of a difference.

What stands out when looking at the spray patterns side by side is that the MAC-10 has a more rounded shape while the MP9 has a more linear shape The MP9 spray pattern is a little wider than the MAC-10 which means that you need to move the crosshair more to compensate for the recoil.

It certainly looks like the MAC-10 is easier to replicate by its more smooth movement compared to the more choppy movement of the MP9.



The accuracy is what separates the abilities of the two SMGs.
Comparing the standing and crouching accuracy we find that the MP9 is better at crouch peeking which is more often used when defending a bombsite.

When playing with SMGs you are more likely to run and jump while shooting.

Each of the two weapons has its advantage when it comes to moving and shooting. The MAC-10 is best at running and shooting while the MP9 is best at jumping and shooting. This does not seem random, because the T side is the one that needs to attack and therefore is more likely to push bombsites fast.

Jumping and running while shooting

The MP9 has significantly higher accuracy when shooting in the air and after landing. Comparing the numbers the MP9 has 47.7% better accuracy after landing and 40.6% better accuracy in the air. The accuracy is worse right when hitting the ground. The above data is based on 330ms after landing. What the numbers tell us is that the MP9 is faster to deliver high-accuracy shots after jumping down from a spot. You can also say that the MP9 is more suited for shooting while Bunny Hopping.

Looking at the running accuracy numbers you find that the MAC-10 has 38.8% better accuracy when running and shooting.

If you look closely at the numbers you find the jumping accuracy for the MP9 to be around the same as the running accuracy for the MAC-10.

Ladder shooting

The amount of accuracy for the MAC-10 when hanging on a ladder while shooting is amazing. Not to say that you hit every shot when hanging from a ladder, but when comparing the number you see a big difference. The MAC-10 has a 79.8% better accuracy compared to the MP9. Below you can see what the differences look like:

Fire rate and time to kill

With an 8.25% higher fire rate the MP9 has the potential to kill faster.

The data reveals that the time to kill increases by 66.% from 2.54m to 76.2m for MAC-10 compared to 33.3% for MP9.

The time it takes for each weapon to empty a full magazine is as follows:

  • MAC-10 = 2.40 sec
  • MP9 = 2.10 sec

These times are worth noting when spraying and compensating for the recoil.

Recovery times

Recovery time is the take it takes before you become fully accurate after shooting and recoil is zero. There is a significant difference in recovery times between the two weapons and it is worth remembering when playing each weapon. Having the numbers in mind can help improve the intuitive feeling you have when the recoil is zero. Lower recovery times are an advantage when bursting or tapping.

Reload and deploy times

The MP9 is faster at reloading while the MAC-10 has a faster deploy time. Deploy time is the time it takes before the weapon is ready to shoot after switching from another.  Deploy time is useful to know when you want to take your weapon out at the right moment as you’re trying to get to a position as fast as possible.


What stands out from this comparison is how well-balanced the two weapons seem to be. It is clear that each weapon has its own abilities. The MAC-10 seems to be better at attacking bomb sites while the MP9 is better at defending them. The MP9 is a more powerful weapon at long-range fights, because of the significantly lower damage dropoff. While the MAC-10 deals more damage at close range.

Hopefully, this in-depth comparison has helped your understanding of the two weapons and how they work.

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