If you truly want to improve in CS2, the best way is to review your matches. Understand your shortcomings and work to improve them. But that is easier said than done. The built-in replay system works well, but there are better options available, such as Scope.gg.

It is a full-featured stat-tracking web app that eliminates the hassle of reviewing your matches. It keeps track of every stat, alerts you to your mistakes, and eventually directs you down a path to improve. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg; Scope.gg includes a plethora of built-in features that can benefit you as a CS2 player.

A brief overview of SCOPE.GG and its purpose for CS2 players

At its core, Scope.gg is a tracking app that records everything you do in CS2. This includes your kills, matches, enemy and teammate stats, utility usage, aim, and a whole lot more. It can help you identify and correct errors more quickly. For example, throughout a match, Scope.gg monitors your utility usage and alerts you to any errors. Furthermore, it teaches you the lineups for smokes, flashes, and grenades after the match, allowing you to optimize your utility usage. That is just one of the features Scope.gg provides; there are many more, so let us dive in.

Key Features

Automatic Match Recording: You don’t have to scroll through match replays anymore. Scope.gg records each match you play. It uploads it to the cloud, where you can download or create clips. It also highlights and records important moments during the game, such as an ace or a clutch. If you are an aspiring content creator, Scope.gg will do the majority of the recording for you. 

scope gg dashboard, cs2

Match Analysis: Not only does it record matches, but it also analyzes them for you. Showing where you made mistakes so you can fix them. Scope.gg visualizes them in numbers so you can work to improve them, whether they are bad positioning, poor utility usage, or bad aim. 

In addition, it shows your contribution to the match. Scope.gg will highlight the fact that you provided good support despite not receiving many frags. It also motivates you after the match by reminding you of the key moments immediately after the game ends.

As you improve, your stats improve, and the app shows you how much you have improved and in what areas. If your friends are also using Scope.gg, you can compare your stats to see who is better.

Essentially, Scope.gg eliminates the hassle of VOD reviewing and makes it easier for you to understand everything about your game. It is an excellent tool for improving your CS2 skills, and the best part is that it is completely free.

Tactical Advice: Apart from tracking your stats, Scope.gg also shows you guides to improve your gameplay. You can learn lineups for all the maps easily, in their grenade lineup section. You can select which lineup you want from which side. For example, if you want to smoke Window on Mirage from T-side, you will find a lineup for that there. There are different lineups for all types of utility, which means grenades, mollys, flashes, and smokes. 

User Experience:

Scope.gg ties all these features together in a nicely and weil-defined UI. Everything is easily accessible, making even new users feel navigating the website with ease. You have your stats in one place,and your utility in other. Overall, it’s a minimal and easy to use UI.

Integration with Steam and FaceIt: Scope.gg can track both your in-game ranked matches and your matches on FaceIt. So, whatever platform you use for competitive CS2, scope.gg will be there to record your stats.

The integration with both platforms is quite seamless. It’s a four step process and you can start tracking your steps in no time.

Benefits of Using SCOPE.GG

If you have never used a stat tracking app for CS2, it’s time that you should. There are a lot of benefits for using a tracking app like Scope.gg. 

Performance Tracking

When you lose a match in CS2, the common approach it to blame it on your teammates or some other factor. But, there is always something to learn after a match. It could be bad positioning, lack of communication, or bad decision making. If you are unaware of these problems, then playing alot won’t fix them. It will only send you on a losing streaks and result in rage quitting the game. However, Scope.gg informs you on your mistakes after every match. 

It alerts you about what you did wrong in the game. For example, if your aim was bad the app will let you know so you can spend time training your aim. When you have improved your aim, scope.gg will let you know that aswell. Showing you the progression of your aim improvement.

There are lot of different things you can improve on in the game. Scope.gg helps you be aware of them so you can start on improving them.

scope gg progress, cs2

Comparison and Contribution Analysis

You will often find players dominating in your ranked matches. Getting multiple kills every round, and clutching rounds where wining was very difficult. Seeing them makes you question, how are they so good. It could be a pro player or any random top-fragger in your lobby. 

This is where stat-tracking can help you. Scope.gg allows you to compare your stats to other players. You can compare your stats to these types of players and see where you fell short. Maybe your aim was great but you lacked in gamesense. 

Having a clear understanding of what your shortcoming are will help you be a player you aspire to be.

How to Get Started

Now that you  know the features and benefits of scope.gg. Here is short guide on how to start using it. 

  1. Go over to Scope.gg, and then login through either Steam or Faceit
  2. After that it will take you through four steps, where you connect your Faceit/Steam account with Scope.gg
  3. For steam users, it will ask an authentication code, and a last match code. 
  4. After that, you will have to add the steam bot.
  5. For Faceit users, it even more simpler. The app will take you to a redirect link, where you have to login with your Faceit account. That’s all you have to do.
  6. Lastly, it will ask you to set up your clips, the durations, shortcuts etc.

Your done, that all it takes to connect your scope.gg account. It’s hassle-free and you can start tracking your stats in almost no time. So, if you are interested in becoming a better player then definitely try using scope.gg

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