Inferno is a classic Counter-Strike map that has remained popular for a long time. To master Inferno, it’s crucial that you know the callouts and positions on the map, as they facilitate effective communication and tactical planning with your teammates.

csgo Inferno map callouts and positions


The Inferno map has a unique layout with a mix of narrow alleyways and open spaces that adds a high degree of strategic depth. Besides the two bomb sites, the map is built around key areas such as Banana, Mid, Second Mid, and Apartments.


Bomb site A on Inferno is known for its many positions and multiple entry points, making it a challenging site to both attack and defend. There are three main entry points for terrorists:

A long is not the fastest way to enter the site, but it opens up more possibilities. Having control over the long area allows you to move through Arch to CT or Speedway to get into the B site from behind.

The fastest way to A site when coming from mid. You can split into the Boiler position from apartments to attack short from two angles.

A narrow corridor leading to the bomb site. Be cautious, as the tight space leaves little room for dodging enemy fire.

As a CT, it’s common to defend the A site from positions such as Pit, Graveyard, Balcony, and Site. Having a crossfire setup between these locations can be crucial for stopping T-side pushes.


The B bomb site is known for its tight corners and close-quarter engagements. The B site itself is a small area surrounded by walls, with a fountain in the middle. Banana is the main entry point, but you can also come from CT and Construction if map control is gained.

A curved corridor connecting Ramp to the bomb site. Be prepared to engage in heavy battles for control over this key area.

CT Spawn
If your team have control over Mid and Long are, you can flank the site through CT Spawn forcing the CTs to hold multiple angles.

CTs typically defend the B bomb site from positions such as New Box, Coffins, Dark, and Fountain.

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