Understanding Trust Factor in CS2

The Trust Factor matchmaking system in CS2 is a unique feature that aims to improve the gaming experience for all players. It takes into account various factors from a player’s past matches about how they have behaved to provide the most accurate matchmaking possible.

What is Trust Factor?

Trust Factor was released in 2016 and made public knowledge in November 2017. It assigns each player a score based on a model of how likely they are to receive a ban in the future. This score is used as a factor in competitive matchmaking and applies to both Prime and Non-Prime matchmaking.

It’s important to note that Trust Factor does not reduce rates of cheating, but instead minimises the impact of cheaters on players with a high trust factor.

How Does Trust Factor Work?

Trust Factor gathers data from account activity in CS2 and activity on Steam as a whole. It can determine if a player is associated with suspicious accounts (friends who cheat) and adjust trust accordingly. You will be given a green, yellow, or red trust factor batch based on your current score.

Red, yellow and green trust factor in csgo

How to improve your Trust Factor

According to Steam Support, the only way to improve your Trust Factor is to be a positive member of the CS2 and Steam community. As you play more matches, the system accumulates more data. The more information the system gets, the easier it will be to choose the players you should be matched with. Having prime status is among the factors used in the Trust Factor matchmaking system.

If you suspect a low Trust Factor is affecting your gaming experience, you can reach out to the CS2 team at CSGOTeamFeedback@valvesoftware.com

How to check Trust Factor

Currently, there is no way to check your Trust Factor score. However, there is a way you can check if you have a green, yellow, or red trust factor. To do this, queue up with some friends and see if you get a message about your trust factor being lower than theirs.


Trust Factor is a dynamic system that aims to improve the matchmaking experience in CS2. While it may not eliminate cheating, it minimises the impact of cheaters when you and your teammates have a high trust factor. By being a positive member of the community and avoiding suspicious and toxic behavior, you can improve your Trust Factor and enjoy a better gaming experience.

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