What is FACEIT Enhancer?

Faceit Enhancer is a third-party software designed to improve the experience of players using the platform. It is a browser extension that offers features such as automation, performance highlights, and more.

With over 700,000 users, Faceit Enhancer is designed to simplify the experience of using the client. It automates tasks and provides access to information that is typically only available on third-party websites.

Faceit enhancer features and highlights

What Features and highlights Does FACEIT Enhancer Give?

  • Auto ready up for matches
  • Auto accept party Invitations
  • Easy connect to the server
  • View player ELO and nationality
  • See total team ELO
  • See how much ELO you gain or loss
  • Look at recent 20-match statistics
  • Track match history of ELO wins and losses
  • Veto server locations

How to Get FACEIT Enhancer for Chrome and Firefox

Faceit enhancer is available for Chrome and Firefox. You can download it from the official website here. Simply follow the instructions to install the extension in your browser.

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