Most common gaming problems

We all know how gaming can bring huge enjoyment. Having fun and connecting with friends online is a big part of why gaming is so popular. But gaming can also lead to a series of problems. Some are easier to overcome than others.

Although the problems are very different, they all have one thing in common and that is, it takes away the pleasure of a good gaming experience.

Here, you get an overview of the most common problems gamers face when playing. If you find yourself having one of these, you can find in-depth articles that are written to help you out.

1. Stiff and choppy aim caused by cold hands

Cold hands while gaming can be pretty annoying. The fingers start to lose sensation and it’s hard to have a controlled grip on the mouse. This leads to a stiff and choppy aim where it’s hard to hit the enemy quickly and accurately.

People who tend to be nervous for whatever reason or sit in a cold environment tends to experience cold hands more often. Having cold hands may not be a big problem, but it can be significant enough to impact performance and the overall gaming experience.

2. Overthinking leading to gaming anxiety

Gaming anxiety can manifest in various ways, such as feeling nervous about one’s own performance or having negative thoughts about what the other players might think. The feelings of anxiety can make gaming a negative experience that feels more stressful than fun.

Gaming anxiety is often related to a state of overthinking where it’s hard to maintain focus on the necessary parts of the game. People with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence are more prone to experiencing gaming anxiety. For those people, pressure from performance is more often seen as a threat instead of being used as fuel for better focus and concentration.

most common challenges gamers face

3. Pain and overuse injuries due to repetitive movements

Repetitive movements and actions with the mouse and keyboard can shear forces on the tendons resulting in overuse injury caused by micro-traumas to the structures. Also having a bad posture while sitting in the same position for longer periods of time puts stress on specific body parts. With this comes the pain and loss of range of motion.

Experiencing severe pain that doesn’t go away after stopping is something that should be taken seriously. Continuing play despite feeling pain will only make things worse and take a longer time to recover. An overuse injury typically develops gradually without a specific event. If you play many hours on daily basis you are at higher risk of getting an overuse injury.

4. Distractions leading to loss of focus

Distractions are either coming from the environment or from the internal state. The environmental factors are easiest removed as you have more control over what’s around you. It’s harder to stop thinking about something that’s connected to emotions that doesn’t feel good.

With the world connected like never before, it’s no wonder that many find it hard to resist checking the phone or look something on the internet instead of engaging mentally and socially in the game. The loss of focus that follows these distractions is a big issue because its so related to performance. If you have poor focus you are guaranteed a hard time performing well.

5. Lack of rest and motivation turning into burnout

When playing for many hours daily it’s easy to lose track of time and neglect important aspects of life such as physical and mental health. This can lead to stress and fatigue. If stress is not managed and the body doesn’t get the rest it needs to recharge, the stress becomes chronic and capacity starts to degrade. Continuing to play despite feeling stressed will inevitably lead to fatigue and burnout. When burning out the excitement of playing can turn into a burden, leading to a lack of motivation.

Burnout should be taken seriously as it can lead to other psychological issues such as anxiety and depression. These can amplify burnout symptoms, making it harder to break the cycle and recover. To avoid burnout in the first place, it’s important to listen to the signals coming from the body and give it the rest it needs.

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