You can now switch viewmodel between left and right hand

After the long wait, we finally got the command and settings to switch viewmodel and weapon from right hand to left hand.

By default, in-game weapons and the viewmodel are set to show in the right hand. However, some players may find it more comfortable or advantageous to switch to the left hand. This can help remove visual distractions on the screen, giving you a better view of the lower parts of the screen.

To switch between left and right hand viewmodels, use the command called, switchhands, in the console

Bind command to switch quickly between left and right hand

Valve made it easy to bind a key from the settings menu to switch your viewmodel between left and right hand.

  • Go to Keyboard/Mouse settings
  • Find Switch Viewmodel Left/Right Hand
  • Enter the key you want to bind.
Switch Viewmodel Left and Right Hand CS2

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