Want to explore maps without restrictions?

Binding the noclip command in CS2 lets you fly around the map, moving through walls, floors, and other obstacles.

Follow this quick guide to bind noclip in CS2.

Step-by-Step Guide to Bind Noclip in CS2 

  • First, open the console and type sv_cheats 1. Without cheats enabled, you won’t be able to use the noclip command.
  • Type bind “key” “noclip” (you can choose any key you want)
  • Press the key to toggle noclip on or off.
bind "key" "noclip"
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Useful NOCLIP commands

sv_noclipspeed: Changes the speed as you fly around the map.
Default value: 1200

sv_noclipaccelerate: Adjusts how fast you accelerate when you start moving.
Default value: 5

sv_noclipduringpause: Allows you to use noclip with the game paused (for doing screenshots etc.)
Default value: false

sv_noclipfriction: Decides the friction during noclip move.
Default value: 4

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