fl0m’s thoughts about cs2

In a recent video by fl0m, the well-known streamer and former pro player, he shares his thoughts about CS2. This article provides a concise overview of his key opinions and experiences.

Key Opinions

  • Valve HQ Playtesting: Impressive graphics but audio and movement issues.
  • Beta Release: Excitement meets limited map availability.
  • Transition from CS:GO to CS2: Supports unifying the community but misses CS:GO features.
  • Pro Gaming MR12 Format: Likes shorter matches, but suggests economic tweaks.
  • Gameplay Improvements: Better shooting mechanics, and ongoing movement challenges.
  • Top Gameplay Issues: Unfair peeking advantage and need for movement refinement.
  • Overall Take on CS2: Excited but critical of matchmaking and balance.

Detailed explanation

fl0m was invited to test CS2 at Valve HQ before the beta release. During his playtesting at, he was impressed by the graphics but encountered issues with audio clarity and character movements. The beta release brought him a mix of excitement and disappointment, he was not happy about the limited map pool only including Dust 2. fl0m supports the transition from CS:GO to CS2, noting its potential to unify the community, yet he misses more features for community servers. He appreciates the MR12 format in professional matches but points out the need for adjustments in the economy system, especially for the CT side.

He points out that recent updates have improved the gameplay, particularly shooting mechanics have become better, but challenges with movement and jumping are still an issue. fl0m highlights the peeker’s advantage as the biggest issue at the moment. Jumping feels inconsistent and needs further mechanical refinements. Overall, he is excited about the game but expresses frustrations about the overall system and gameplay mechanics.

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