What’s new in this CS:GO update?

The latest update to CS:GO brings a range of great new changes, including two new wingman maps, massive discounts on sticker capsules, important fixes for issues with molotovs grenades, a new 2023 Service Medal and some other improvements.

Here are the key changes from this CS:GO update:

  • A discount on sticker capsules, with a 75% reduction in price
  • The 2023 Service Medal has been added as a reward for outstanding service and achievement, starting on January 1, 2023
  • Fixed a molotov bug that allowed players to throw molotovs that would never explode in the air
  • Boyard and Chalice have been added to the official matchmaking rotation for the Wingman game mode.
  • Blagai, Cascade, and Breach have been removed from the Wingman matchmaking rotation
  • A fix for a case where some loading screen keybindings were not resolved correctly.

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