Why Strafe Jump in CS2?

You would want to learn how to strafe jump for several reasons.

Increased speed: Strafe jumping allows you to move faster than simply running or jumping normally. This is very useful for reaching key positions quickly or retreating from enemy fire.

Longer jumps: You can jump further distances with strafe jumping, allowing you to reach platforms or clear gaps that would be impossible with a standard jump.

Unpredictable movement: By combining multiple strafe jumps, you can make your movement patterns more unpredictable, making it harder for your opponents to hit you.

Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about strafe jumping and how it works:

What is a Strafe Jump in CS2?

Strafe jumping is a movement technique commonly used to gain additional speed and distance compared to a regular jump, letting you move around objects while in the air. The strafe jump technique is crucial to master if you want a movement advantage over your opponent. The extra movement speed can get you into positions faster than your enemies expect you to be.

Three Types of Strafe Jumps

Basic strafing

This is the simplest form of strafe jumping. It lets you jump longer and move faster.

How to do it: Strafe jumping involves pressing the appropriate movement key (‘A’ or ‘D’) while simultaneously moving your mouse in the direction you want to strafe.

To strafe right, jump while moving forward, hold the ‘D’ key, and move your mouse to the right.
To strafe left, jump while moving forward, hold the ‘A’ key, and move your mouse to the left.

Clockwise and counterclockwise strafing

This strafing technique lets you move in circles and change direction in the air. It is useful for maneuvering around obstacles and peeking angles without turning your entire view.

How to do it: This technique involves switching directions within the same jump to adjust your trajectory.

Clockwise: Hold the D key and move your mouse to the right.
Counterclockwise: Hold the A key and move your mouse to the left.

Forward strafing

This is the most advanced strafing technique. It helps maintain forward momentum while adding lateral movement, making it suitable for long jumps. Your movement also becomes less predictable and harder to hit.

How to do it: Hold the forward movement key (‘W’) along with a strafe key (‘A’ or ‘D’) while in the air. Switch between W and A, and W and D to keep strafing while changing directions in the air.

Tips for Effective Strafe Jumping in CS2

Practice Timing: The key to successful strafe jumping is precise timing and coordination between your jump, strafe key, and mouse movement.

Use Mouse Scroll Wheel for Jumping: Binding your jump to the mouse scroll wheel can make it easier to execute multiple jumps in quick

Consistent Practice: Like any skill, strafe jumping requires consistent practice to master. Spend time on a practice map to hone your technique.

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