When will Counter-Strike 2 come out?

We’re all asking the same question.

When will Counter-Strike 2 come out?

In this article, I’ll give my best guess about when we can expect to see Counter-Strike 2 be released, and I’ll explain why I think it won’t be before the end of summer.

Valve has officially said that CS 2 will come this summer

Some people think the release will be around the same time as they released C S GO back in 2012. However, I don’t see any good reason why they should delay the release based solely on the date. Especially when thinking about how Valve never does anything expected.

But why would they wait until the end of summer?

If we consider the upcoming IEM Cologne tournament. It wouldn’t really make sense to release Counter-Strike 2 right before such a huge event

IEM Cologne is one of the biggest and most prestigious tournaments in CS:GO, where the arena is always filled with cheering fans, creating an exceptional atmosphere.

Arena full of people at the IEM COLOGNE 2022

You might think, why not play the new CS 2 at IEM Cologne?

Well, when CS 2 is released, there will be a lot of bug issues that need to be fixed. For the same reason, Valve has decided to skip the next major to make the game as perfect as possible for the Copenhagen Major in March 2024.

By choosing to wait until the end of summer, Valve is giving themselves an extended timeframe to address any remaining bugs and deliver a stable game at launch.

Now, there are a few additional reasons why I believe Valve might be waiting until the end of summer to release CS 2.

Summer is traditionally a time of the year when many new video games are released. By waiting until the end of summer, Valve could avoid direct competition with other major titles and potentially benefit from a period when fewer new games are being released.

We must also not forget that the end of summer often marks the return of many people from vacation and the start of the new school year. This could be an optimal time to release a new game, as it would maximise the number of potential players who are returning to their regular routines and looking for new entertainment.

In the end, this is all guesses and only Valve knows when they are ready.

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