CS2 Has Removed useful Console Commands

Unfortunately, CS2 has removed some helpful console commands, thereby limiting the ability to adjust and customize game settings according to individual needs.

Let’s take a look at which commands are removed and what impact they hav on the gameplay.

No More Removing Blood and Bullet Holes from Surfaces

The first command we need to get back is cl_cleardecals. This command allowed players to remove blood, bullet holes, and other marks from walls and surfaces. The advantage of this was that it helped improve visibility and clarity.

When you’re used to seeing the exact same picture, it’s easier to notice any changes in the environment. In some cases, it can be harder to see an enemy if he is standing in front of a mark on the wall.

Instead of being able to remove blood from walls, CS2 has now added a feature that causes the blood to fade slowly over a period of 10 seconds. The idea behind this is to give players a visual cue about when an enemy has been at a given location.

No more Useful live PC Information

The second command CS2 has removed is net_graph. This command displayed useful network and performance information such as FPS, ping, loss, and choke.

A recent YouTube poll revealed that this is the most requested command to get back.

Many players used net_graph to monitor the FPS at which their computer could run CS.
If they experienced lag issues, they could use the information to determine whether the problem was caused by the internet connection or the computer’s hardware.

No more switching Weapon Between Left and Right Hand

The third command we need to get back to CS2 is cl_righthand. This command was used to switch the weapon from one hand to the other. Now it’s only possible to play with the weapon in the right hand. This can be challenging for players who have exclusively played with the weapon in their left hand for several years.

It’s worth mentioning that in a few cases, it makes sense to switch hands to better see a specific angle, but for the most part, cl_righthand is not particularly useful. However, many players want this feature back and find focus by switching the weapon between hands.

No more is it possible to stop weapon movement

The last command we need to talk about is cl_bob. This command could adjust how much the weapon was moving while running and walking. Many feel the movement on the screen is more stable when the weapon remains still.

The movement of the weapon is not something that really disturbs the gameplay unless the values are set too high causing the weapon to move excessively. In CS2, the weapon movement is minimal, so it should not be a concern.

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