Adjusting the bot difficulty in CS2 can greatly enhance your practice sessions and there are a few cool commands to give you a more unique experience. Bots in CS2 have four difficulty levels ranging from easy to expert.

Follow this guide to select the bot difficulty that matches your skill level.

Manually Change CS2 Bot Difficulty

It’s easy to change the difficulty for the bots in CS2. All you have to do is open the console and use one of the following commands.

bot_difficulty 0: Easy. Don’t expect any challenge from the bots on this level.

bot_difficulty 1: Normal. Bots provide a moderate challenge suitable for regular practice.

bot_difficulty 2: Hard. Bots use tactics and are more difficult to defeat.

bot_difficulty 3: Expert. On this level, the bots become highly skilled and very challenging.

By default, the bot difficulty is set to 2.

Try experimenting with different difficulty levels to find the best fit for your skill level. Start with easier bots and gradually work your way up to expert for a smoother learning curve.

How to Change Bot Difficulty in CS2

Automatically Change CS2 Bot Difficulty

CS2 has added some cool commands that automatically adjust the bots’ difficulty level based on how you play. This means the game will adapt to your skill level as you go on.

bot_autodifficulty_threshold_high: This sets the score a bot needs to exceed to decrease its difficulty.

bot_autodifficulty_threshold_low: This sets the score a bot needs to fall below to increase its difficulty.

These commands ensure that the bots will become easier if they are performing well and harder if they are underperforming, keeping the game balanced and challenging.

CS2 Bot Difficulty not working

If you find that the bot difficulty isn’t changing with the above commands, try setting custom_bot_difficulty to match the value of bot_difficulty. This should help!

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