Why daily aim training is a good idea

Daily aim training is a fantastic way to structure your aim practice for several reasons. It can decrease your daily time investment since your training sessions become shorter. This approach can also reduce your perceived effort and accelerate your progress, as maintaining focus and better technique from session to session becomes easier. When you accumulate these benefits through regular practice, it encourages the integration of aim training into your lifestyle, transforming it from an occasional activity into a habit.

Avoid the most common mistake

Of course, this isn’t the only way to structure your training. To make it work, you must avoid the most common mistake people make when transitioning to daily aim training which is.

“Having the same training volume while increasing the training frequency”.

Don’t double Your Training Volume

Let’s take an example. If you’re training with a schedule of 3-4 days per week, daily training isn’t about doing this program twice within the same week, as that would merely double your weekly training volume. You might manage this for a few weeks but eventually, it will get you tired and the quality of your training starts to drop. Consequently, you might view daily training as something that doesn’t work for you.

Divide Each Session in Half

However, instead of doubling your weekly volume, you should maintain the same weekly volume and double your frequency. To do this, you simply divide each aim training session in half and perform it over two days instead of one. This reduced training volume per session allows you to recover faster, maintain higher focus during sessions and, most importantly, it helps you build a habit that lasts.

Final thoughts

Once again, daily aim training isn’t the only way to structure your training, but it’s a solid option with great benefits. If you find that this approach aligns with your goals and lifestyle, it might be the perfect solution for you. However, there are also other methods that might be better suited to your individual needs, preferences, or schedule.

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