Funny CS2 Commands to Try With Your Friends

Using these commands when playing with your friends on a private server can be a very funny experience.

Most of the commands are cheat commands and can not be used in competitive matches. Therefore, you need to create a private server and invite your friends. You can also test them out for yourself if you like.

You need to enable sv_cheats 1 before the commands can work on the private server.

List of funny commands

Copy the commands directly into the console or put them into a custom config you can load when launching the private server.


When this command is activated you can fly around the map and move freely through walls and other objects.


This command sets the speed at which you move while using noclip. Increasing the value lets you move faster. You can also hold down SHIFT to slow down the speed.
Default value: 5.00


Manipulate the server gravity with this command. Lower the value and you will be able to jump higher and have more air time. This can add a fun twist to the movement. Other moveable objects will also be affected by gravity.
Default value: 800


This controls how quickly you accelerate when moving. It affects how quickly you reach your maximum when starting to run. A higher value makes acceleration faster.
Default value: 5.50

sv_autobunnyhopping 1

Activating this command lets you jump continuously by holding down the jump key. It makes bunny hopping much easier as it automates the timing of the jumps.

sv_bounce 1

This control how much you bounce back when jumping into walls and objects. A higher value means more bounce.

mp_drop_knife_enable 1

Use this command to be able to drop your knife in the game.

mp_damage_headshot_only 1

When this command is activated, players will not take any damage when getting hit by body shots. Use it to challenge your precision skills.

mp_buy_anywhere 1

Be able to buy new weapons and utility anywhere on the map.


This command sets the amount of time you have at the beginning of a round to buy equipment.
Default value: 20 

weapon_accuracy_nospread 1

Turn this command on to remove the random weapon spread when you shoot. This makes all bullets go to the exact center of the crosshair.


This command sets a fixed spread value when shooting with any weapon. A higher value will decrease the accuracy of the weapon.
Default value: 0


This command modifies the accuracy of weapons when fired in the air. A lower value will make the weapon more accurate.
Default value: 1.00


Change the camera view from a first-person perspective to a third-person perspective. The commands give a full perspective of the player character from behind.


Adjust the speed of the game with this command. Set the value lower than 1 to slow down the game, and set it above 1 to speed up the game.
Default value: 1

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