CS2 latest changes and Gameplay Tweaks

Valve has introduced the map Italy to the CS2 Limited Test. This map has been revamped with new lighting, textures, and two additional connector areas. It’s the third map outside the current active duty map pool, following Dust 2 and Office, and the ninth overall in the game. However, Anubis and Ancient have been removed from the game.

Matchmaking Changes

Competitive and Private Matchmaking have been temporarily disabled in the CS2 Limited Test. The exact reason for this change remains undisclosed by Valve. Typically, older maps are cycled out of Competitive testing when adding a new map. However, with the recent update, only the Italy map is available for Deathmatch and Casual modes.

Smoke Grenade Adjustments

The shape of smoke grenades has been adjusted to align more closely with their appearance in CS:GO. Astralis player blameF is happy for the update saying that this could be the GOAT update that makes CS2 insane.

Complete patch notes released by valve


  • Competitive and Private Matchmaking are currently disabled in the Limited Test
  • Minor adjustments to smoke cloud shape

[ MAPS ]

  • Added Italy to Deathmatch and Casual game modes
  • Removed Anubis and Ancient


  • Unified StatTrak position on both CS2 M4 models to not occlude stickers
  • Adjusted sticker sizes on CS2 M4A4 so they no longer overlap

[ MISC ]

  • Updated hostage models


  • Audio mix tweaks and adjustments


  • Added support for multiple team introduction variants