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Change FOV and viewmodel to improve visual awareness

Changing the FOV and viewmodel can make the CS2 gaming experience more comfortable by improving the visual awareness.
FOV (Field of View) defines how much of the game’s environment you can see on your screen, similar to zooming in or out with a camera lens. On the other hand, the viewmodel deals with how the player’s weapon and hands are displayed and positioned on the screen.

Here’s how you change the FOV:

  • Open the console and type the following command
  • Replace “X” with the desired value between 5468.


Console commands to change the viewmodel

When changing the viewmodel you have a few more options.

Here’s a list of common commands to modify your viewmodel in CS2:

viewmodel_offset_x – Changes the horizontal offset of the viewmodel.
viewmodel_offset_y – Changes the vertical offset of the viewmodel.
viewmodel_offset_z – Changes the depth offset of the viewmodel.
viewmodel_presetpos – Choose 3 preset positions for your viewmodel.

Click here to find a full list of useful CS2 commands.

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